Indian Handicraft sector is one of the most lucretius sector of Indian market. It has provided many employment opportunities to the millions of people specially to rural people partially and fully as well. In this post we will try to understand the basic trends of the handicraft market.
These are the latest handicraft market trends of the Indian Handicraft Market -
The world home furniture market is the worth cost of more than 20000 crore INR. More than 65% of furniture sales happen in the home decor sector.
The world growth rate of home decor furniture is measured to be 60%.
There are a three layer distribution center of the Indian Handicraft sector like - retailer, wholesaler and distributor.
There are Godrej and Style spa alike furniture giants which is holding the market share of more than 400 million INR market of home furniture.
The Indian Furniture market is worth of $ 17000 USD approximately in which the wooden furniture market is more than $ 5300 million.
Amazon India launched weavesmart in which it will promote the Indian Handicraft and handloom products which is the project partner with ministry of textiles.
It is expected that the global export of Indian Handicraft products will dip down because of High GST and shrinking demand of the handicraft products in global market up to 3.5%. Indian companies are not in the condition to borrow the loan schemes from banks due to high rates.

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